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Osteopaths in Adelaide – looking for a great Osteopath in Adelaide?    You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to The Body Worx

At The Body Worx we have the skills, expertise and professionalism to let you live your life to the full - free of pain and immobility. Our dedicated team of Osteopaths, Massage Therapists and Naturopaths work together to ensure your rapid return to good health without long, drawn out treatment plans. We get to the root of the issue fast and show you how to stay there.


Our practitioners are the leading Osteopaths in Adelaide with comprehensive experience treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Osteopaths in Adelaide – How Our Gentle Osteopathy  Can Help You.

Most people seek out our help because they are in pain, their primary focus is to be out of pain. As Osteopaths, our focus is to find out why you are in pain and to resolve the underlying cause of this pain. In the process the pain relieves but you will also experience better mobility, peace of mind and reduced vulnerability to future episodes.

Our Osteopaths focus on assessing structure and function. We work on the principle that if things are structurally where they should be and functioning well then there should be no pain.

The body is made up of many moving parts and the function of each individual component is often overlooked by therapists. The spine is made up of individual joints, each one moving a small amount so that overall we get a great range of motion, however, the rigours of daily life may, over time, lead to some joints working more than others. The balance shifts and we find that more strain is placed on the joints that move whilst the less mobile joints become progressively more restricted. This alteration of function leads to changes in the tissues surrounding the joints – namely the muscles and ligaments. Our bodies can cope with this alteration for some time, however, if we lift something a little heavier than usual, move a little faster, jolt our bodies or move awkwardly it may lead to pain and immobility.

Osteopaths are trained specifically to identify those joints that don’t move optimally and to correct the motion of these joints and the surrounding soft tissues. By dissipating the strain over a broader area no single joint complex is under undue strain and the pain resolves.

Osteopaths in Adelaide – What can we help you with ?

The Osteopathic approach has demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of :