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At The Body Worx we take an honest approach to your pains, giving you clear expectations and recognizing our limitations. We work closely with Doctors, Specialists and other Healthcare Professionals to ensure you get the best possible results in the shortest possible time. We will not take on your case unless we can truly guarantee your results. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to putting you first and ensuring your rapid recovery.



Osteopathy is a highly effective, gentle therapy that addresses pain and dysfunction of the body. Osteopaths work on the premise that restoring normal structure and gaining optimum function will result in freedom from pain and disability.

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Sports Massage

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is an important adjunct to any health regime. Massage has proven benefits in easing muscular tension, improving circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding with digestion and speeding up the elimination of waste from the body.



Our osteopaths focus on assessing structure and function. We work on the principle that if things are structurally where they should be and functioning well then there should be no pain.

The Osteopathic approach has demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of :

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Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy places emphasis on rehabilitation of injured tissues through the use of electro-therapy, exercise and mobilization techniques. Commonly, exercises will form a part of the Physiotherapeutic consultation and the treatment is generally localized to the area of discomfort.

Chiropractic treatment is primarily based on the spine with the idea that restoration of spinal function is paramount to the body’s wellbeing. Normalising function of the spine will result in generalized improvement of the surrounding soft tissues. The primary tool in the Chiropractic armoury is that of spinal adjustment.

Osteopathy is a gentler, more wholistic therapy. Whilst Osteopaths may manipulate the spine, it is but one tool of many aimed at restoring the body to optimum function. With spinal pain Osteopaths believe that it is not sufficient to apply adjustments to the spine, we recognize the importance of working on the surrounding soft tissues to maintain any changes instigated. Unlike Physiotherapy, we do not use electronic machines, we use hands-on techniques to ensure constant feedback of the tissue changes. Osteopathy incorporates many techniques to restore the body’s structure and optimize function. Incorporating a truly wholistic approach we are also trained to assess diet, nutrition, ergonomics and lifestyle factors to attain a true sense of wellbeing.

Yes. Almost all Health Funds cover Osteopathic treatment. We are fully recognized by the Health Funds and incorporate the HICAPS system for your convenience. The HICAPS system enables you to claim your health fund contribution at the time of payment.

In certain circumstances Osteopathy is covered under MediCare’s Enhanced Primary Care programme. (EPC). To be eligible you would need to consult your Doctor and if he/she feels it appropriate they can provide you with a specific EPC referral.

Yes. All of our Osteopaths are accredited with Return to Work SA. We treat a lot of WorkCover cases and, consequently, we have an efficient, streamlined process to take care of your claim. Our policy is to deal directly with the Insurance Company – to take away the headache of paperwork from you so that you can concentrate on getting better.

No. Osteopaths are primary care practitioners and no referral is required. At The Body Worx we have strong links with the local Medical community and liaise with the local GP’s and Specialists to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

It is not uncommon for people to be wary of spinal manipulation, despite the evidence of it’s safety. Manipulation is only one of the tools available to our Osteopaths and if you feel uncomfortable with this technique there are other approaches available to us. Prior to commencing any treatment we discuss with you the treatment plan and the choices available. Your comfort and trust is important to us and we would never apply a technique against your wishes.

Bring with you any results or documentation that you feel may be relevant. We appreciate the opportunity to fully assess your case with all the information available. If you don’t have x-rays then all of our Osteopaths are able to request x-rays where necessary.


Book a Complimentary Telephone Consultation with one of our Osteos – this is a completely free service with no obligations, to ensure you find the best path to optimal health.