Sport Injuries

The Body Worx approach to Sports Injuries

Sporting injuries occur commonly and often when you feel like you’re reaching peak performance. Many therapists will tell you that the injury sustained is like any normal strain – but it isn’t. The focus, perseverance and physical demands of sports people make treating their injuries a specialised, precise science.


We understand the specific requirements of this type of injury. We recognise that injuries are most commonly the culmination of imbalances and weaknesses within the body and resolution will need to address these areas as well as the local injury.



We are driven to helping you reach optimal function and we understand the sporting mind – we will work with you, within your capacity for rapid return to your sport – safely.

Our Osteopaths are ideally placed to assist sports people. With our strong focus on body mechanics, our in-depth understanding of physiology and our evidence informed approach that utilises the latest information in the field of biomechanical medicine we will partner with you on your journey to optimal well being.