Posture & Ergonomics

The Body Worx – Posture and Ergonomics

Posture is the way that we hold our bodies. Ideal posture is the posture that utilises the least amount of energy to hold us up. Over time, poor postural habits can lead to lasting change and ultimately the bones can start to wear into an aberrant pattern making the posture permanent. Our skeleton is held together by muscles, tendons and ligaments and it is the imbalance of these “soft tissues” that can hold our bodies in awkward or “wrong” positions. Our Osteopaths have an innate ability to understand the patterns of the body , to understand the impact of a slight bend in one area upon the rest of the body. We can translate that to how your body can or should function and understand the broader implications of these patterns.

Rectifying posture or strengthening weaknesses in your posture is an important first step to reaching optimal spinal health. The process of change can take time and is generally achieved through a strategic exercise program with guidance, support and planning from our highly experienced team of Osteopaths.