Headaches & Neck Pain

The Body Worx approach to Headaches and Neck Pain.

Headaches and migraines are some of the commonest conditions seen at The Body Worx. The pain and disability of headaches can be torturous and disabling. The uncertainty of when they strike can detract from living well and cause anxiety and fear.

A vast majority of headaches are of simple mechanical causes. This means that tension or dysfunction in your neck and upper back can lead to muscular tension and headaches. There are, however, many different causes of headaches and the first – and most important step – is to gain a thorough understanding of the true cause of your headache. At The Body Worx we take a keen interest in assessing the cause of your headaches, understanding how they have developed over time and we look at the whole of your body to understand the mechanical stresses that can often lead to this disabling pain.

Some headaches are not of mechanical origin and we have a strong academic grounding in the internal workings of the body so we can guide you to obtaining the further analysis required to determine their cause.

While Osteopaths are generally acknowledged for their efficient help with headaches, at The Body Worx we have built a strong reputation for the treatment of complex headaches that have not previously responded to other forms of treatment. I believe that this is due to our holistic approach to headaches and migraine – looking at the musculo-skeletal system but also taking into consideration your lifestyle, diet, exercise and the demands placed on the systems of your body. This approach has helped hundreds of headache sufferers to experience a life without headaches!